Kick-start your legal career

An eight-times law firm of the year, whose foundations lie in solving complex challenges for renowned, influential clients. A law firm ranked a top five 'legal game changer of the past decade'. One that is constantly changing, growing, improving. A culture that attracts brilliant minds and fosters new thinking. Training contracts that have you working straight away on important client matters, on the phone, in person, in the room at every key moment of the deal. A firm consequently rated the best graduate legal employer for four consecutive years. BLP is all of this. And more.

The ‘more’ is our difference. A difference that is part of every meeting, every client relationship and every decision. It is something that is hard to imagine if you have never spent a day within our walls. These pages will give you a glimpse of what that difference is. If you would like further proof, we’d love for you to join us on a vacation scheme for a first-hand glimpse of the BLP experience.

It’s good to be different. We are. If you are too, please come and talk to us.