We know that having a website that is accessible for everyone [, regardless of circumstance or ability,] is incredibly important. Therefore we are committed to adhering to appropriate accessibility standards and guidelines, and to delivering a great website experience to the widest possible audience.

This policy statement outlines our standards of compliance, and provides additional instructions on how to make the most your visit to

We want to make our website as accessible and usable as possible, so if you experience any difficulties while visiting our website, please email us.

Standards compliance

Our aim is for all pages to meet the following standards and benchmarks:

  • Compliance with level 'A' of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0
  • Use of structured semantic mark-up with a logical document outline

In addition:

  • is largely compliant to level ‘AA’ of WCAG2.0, and we have set a target of being fully AA compliant in 2016.
  • BLP will continuously work towards satisfying as many aspects of level ‘AAA’ compliance as practicable.

Recent developments completed as part of our commitment to website accessibility include:

  • Addition of transcripts for videos to assist hearing impaired visitors (as well as visitors without speakers or headphones) consume the content;
  • Update of site code to use resizable fonts;
  • Inserting alternative text for images to assist screen reader users and those with vision impairments to identify and make sense of images; and
  • Use of descriptive links to assist screen reader users and those with vision impairments to understand where in the site they are being taken to.

BLP’s website content is changed frequently by several members of our team. We will provide training  and regular updates to all website users within to minimise possible issues and, to further ensure we maintain our level ‘A’ WCAG2.0 compliance, we are committed to completing a full accessibility audit of at least annually, with a target of quarterly.

Compatibility with tools

This website aims to be compatible with recent versions of the following screen readers:

  • JAWS
  • NVDA
  • The website is also compatible with default voice over technologies found in iOS, Windows and Android devices.

Keyboard navigation

All links and user interfaces are designed to be navigable with a keyboard. The active link in focus is highlighted with a visible border.

  • First TAB press on page opens a quick menu which enables users to skip to the site menu or page content.
  • Press TAB to navigate to the next link
  • Press SHIFT + TAB to navigate to the previous link
  • Press ENTER to follow a link or activate a form control

Text Size

Most modern browsers allow you to zoom and re-size the text yourself, to a level you feel comfortable with. You can change settings by taking these steps:

PC / all browsers:

Holding down the Ctrl key and press + / scroll mouse wheel up to zoom in; and holding down the Ctrl key and press - / scroll mouse wheel up  to zoom out

Mac / all browsers:

Holding down the Command key and press + / scroll mouse wheel up to zoom in; and holding down the Ctrl key and press - / scroll mouse wheel up  to zoom out

How to Change Colour Contrast of websites

On your entire computer:

  • For PC, click "Start", then "Control Panel". Select the "Accessibility Options" icon, select the "Display" tab and select the "Use High Contrast" check box. Select the "Settings" button to browse different colour contrast options.
  • For a Mac select "System Preferences", then "Universal Access". Select the "Seeing" tab and adjust the "Display" section.

On your browser:

  • In Internet Explorer, click "Tools", then select "Internet options". From within the "General" tab, click the "Colours" button. Deselect the "Use Windows colours" checkbox and change the colour by selecting the colour swatch. Then, select "Accessibility" within the "Internet options" window and select "Ignore colours specified on web pages".
  • In Firefox, click "Tools", then select "Options". From within the "Colours" tab, click the "Colours" button. Select the appropriate colours from the colour swatch and un-tick the checkbox labelled "Allow pages to choose their own colours, instead of my selections above" and click OK.

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