Find the most efficient and effective way to complete your legal projects


In-house legal teams are under constant pressure to deliver more. Internal business goals are non-negotiable and service to the organisation must be impeccable. Yet every cost is tightly scrutinised.

Streamline is our new service to help you manage these conflicting demands. Streamline will help you identify ways to cut waste and uncertainty from your legal projects. You’ll discover better ways to get the job done, perhaps even more quickly. And you’ll avoid those nasty, last-minute legal surprises that can wreck your weekend.

The new, leaner and more effective way to deliver legal projects

Whether it’s the flagship acquisition that you’ve got one chance to get right, the dispute that threatens your reputation, or the ‘need this yesterday’ project that has just landed on your desk, Streamline will help you achieve the outcomes you want, in a way that gives you the best value for money.

To find out how, or to receive a copy of our brochure, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to tell you more.

Expertly facilitated legal process improvement

Streamline is a service designed to find the leanest, most effective way to deliver legal projects. Streamline is a proprietary, expertly facilitated workshop that breaks your projects down into its component parts and pinpoints the most cost effective way to resource and perform each one. You can still focus the most experienced legal brains on the toughest tasks, while exploring more innovative ways of resourcing less complex actions.

The sessions are led by experienced lawyers with specialist process improvement and project management expertise. They have been in the front line of hundreds of legal projects, so you can trust that the session is grounded in real-world thinking.

Collaboration is central to our approach and has proven to be the winning formula for participants. You can bring everyone involved in the project to your workshop, from key staff and clients to suppliers and advisers. You’ll have a clear view of how each action contributes to success. With everyone helping to map the project steps required to achieve your overall goal, you’ll also uncover potential roadblocks before they become a problem.

You’ll leave the workshop confident that the right things are getting done, in the right order, at the right time, by the right people. Your tangible output will be an actionable project map strong enough to survive contact with reality. With agreed reporting lines, clear milestones, built-in supervision and a clear allocation of responsibilities, you’ll have a plan everyone will trust and support.

Achievements to date

Streamline workshops have already helped banks, retailers, property companies and other major clients, including multiple FTSE-100 companies, to find the best way to achieve their desired outcomes while securing optimum value for money. It has been used to enhance both major strategic projects and routine transactions in three countries and internally to redesign over 70 of the firm's own processes that we apply to our client work.

In addition to adding value to our clients, the service has also received industry recognition. It was highly commended for Innovation of the Year and the 2014 Modern Law Awards, highly commended for Most Innovative Law Firm in Client Service at the FT Innovative Lawyer Awards 2014, and was commended for value resourcing at the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards 2013.

Case Studies

    • Case Study 1

      "We can't afford delays"

      The challenge: A FTSE 100 company is developing a substantial mixed-use property in the centre of London. With a project and asset value approaching £1Bn, and with multiple parties involved, development delays would prove hugely costly. In particular, failure to meet pre-letting goals might threaten joint venture agreements and financing covenants. Projects of this scale and complexity can generate hundreds of legal issues, any of which might increase the risk of delay. Our client needed a pro-active rather than reactive way to identify and address those issues.

      The solution: A Streamline workshop pulled together all of the stakeholders to identify issues that might delay leasing goals being met. With expert facilitation, the team agreed a single, structured plan for identifying and tackling issues that needed attention.

      The result: The new process helped the client to direct their resources in an efficient and effective way. The construction side of the project can move ahead, with the risk of lease delays more clearly known and manageable.

    • Case Study 2

      "We need faster payment"

      The challenge: A FTSE 100 financial services client was selling thousands of residential and commercial properties that it held as security for bad loans. Their combined value was several hundred millions of pounds.

      The disposals were completing as planned, but it was taking too long for the client to receive its funds. Staff were spending time chasing payments when they could have been completing more transactions. Often funds were delayed because some of the information needed to make a transfer was missing. The high volume of deals exacerbated the problem and different staff used different approaches, so file handovers were frustratingly complex.

      The solution: A Streamline workshop created a clear, consistent sequence of pre- and post-completion actions to ensure faster and smoother money transfers. It also established a new team focused on implementing the process.

      The result: The new process helped the client to unblock the flow of funds. It also cut the time taken to deal with payments by 25%, freeing the team to focus on its main task: disposing of the properties.

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