The right legal outcome; Optimum value for money; Excellent Service; tailored to you.


The volume, variety and urgency of legal demands on clients are ever-increasing, while available budget is being cut. New options, beyond the specialist expertise traditionally available from law firms, are needed - as is guidance on how to choose the right ones.

Where options and answers are required in solving the conflicting demand of delivering more for less, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner’s Integrated Client Service Model (ICSM) will help. ICSM is designed to help you achieve successful outcomes in line with your commercial goals, yet doing so by making smarter use of a blend of different, cost-effective resources.

Benefits and Resources

If you are trying to understand or implement the legal service options that are right for your needs and your budget, ICSM provides a high quality and cost-efficient 'one-stop-shop'.

What is ICSM?

When your Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner partner starts thinking about how best to achieve your goals, she or he can now call on a much wider range of resource options than traditionally available from a law firm – everything from Lawyers On Demand to tailored teams of lawyers and paralegals in a Manchester-based legal services delivery team.Listening to you, your legal challenges and your commercial goals, is the starting point for ICSM. A relationship partner will focus on understanding your business and your legal needs, but critically will also consult on achieving your goals at optimum value for money.

Your Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner partner will deploy the precise mix of people and services needed to get the job done, from the brightest legal brains when you need them, to more rapid and cost-efficient resources when you don’t. And as you move from one legal project to the next, the mix of resources will be adapted and tailored to the needs and budgets at hand. Your relationship partner will remain responsible for quality of service at every step, providing expert oversight throughout.

Working this way was central to the decision of the UK’s largest retailer to place all of their real estate work with us, and was also recognised as a ‘Standout’ Innovation in Value Resourcing at the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards 2014.

We understand that you buy outcomes, not hours, and expect efficient delivery of those outcomes. ICSM is specifically designed to deliver those needs.

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ICSM Legal Resources

Your Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner partner provides a single point of contact, during and outside projects, to focus more strategically on our relationship with you and to ensure you are receiving an excellent service. They will draw together the precise mix of resources and expertise you require, which might include:

Streamline – Legal Process Improvement

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner’s proprietary Streamline service identifies the leanest, most effective way of delivering your legal projects. During an expertly facilitated workshop, led by experienced lawyers with specialist process improvement and project management skills, Streamline will break your project down into component parts and pinpoint the most effective way to resource each one. The workshop can be held at your premises or ours, and key stakeholders in the success of your project, such as staff, suppliers or advisers, can all participate. Your actionable output will be a project map that ensures the right things will be done in the right order, at the right time and by the right people. Streamline has been used to enhance over 100 projects or work-types, including projects for four FTSE 100 clients. In 2014, Streamline was also Highly Commended for both Innovation of the Year (Modern Law Awards) and for Most Innovative Law Firm in Client Service (FT Innovative Lawyer Awards).

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner Expert Lawyers

Our lawyers will continue to apply their specialist expertise and years of industry experience to find practical solutions to the most complex aspects of your projects. They will continue to deliver tailored advice, commercial alignment and project management. Those lawyers have delivered over 47,000 client projects in the last five years, touching 128 countries. The outcomes and service our lawyers have delivered to clients have seen us named Law Firm of the Year seven times since 2004, and seen us ranked in the top five most innovative law firms in Europe by the Financial Times.

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner Legal Services Delivery Team (Manchester, UK)

For whole legal projects, or aspects of those projects, that can be process-engineered and/or delivered in a structured, repeatable way, or when a team is needed to quickly complete an essential but not necessarily complex aspect of a significant project – for example document review - we operate a fast, cost-efficient and expertly supervised team in the UK’s second largest legal market. Those teams are integrally linked to our other lawyers using matter management systems and other efficiency-driven collaboration technology.

Lawyers On Demand

LOD offers talented, experienced lawyers to work flexibly on client projects. LOD lawyers work just when needed, either at our premises, at your premises or remotely. They enable us to quickly yet cost-effectively expand the capacity and capability of the team assigned to your projects. In response to client demand for the service, LOD has grown over 800% in the last five years. LOD clients include Google, American Express and Barclays, and client satisfaction is such that over three quarters of assignments in the last 18 months have extended beyond their initial brief..

Specialist 3rd Parties

When specialist or niche expertise is needed on routine, recurrent aspects of your work, and when value for money is essential, we will instruct and project manage additional 3rd parties. That can include your preferred 3rd party firms or LPOs, and can also extend to overseas markets. For example, in addition to the local market support delivered by Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner lawyers via our 12 offices internationally, the firm has delivered and project managed over 2,000 client projects involving advice from market-leading local firms in jurisdictions throughout the world.

ICSM Benefits


Clients tell us they want to know their legal advisers are working efficiently and offering value for money. ICSM means clients don’t ‘pick up the bill’ for needless inefficiency, which equates to waste.

Premium resources

While ICSM ensures the most effective and efficient mix of resources are applied to solve your legal challenges, value for money is never gained at the expense of quality. ICSM provides continued access to Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner’s high-quality, premium legal expertise, supplemented by high-quality, supervised and project managed alternative service options. Quality remains the foundation of everything we do.

Ease & tailored service

An overarching driver when creating ICSM was simplicity for our clients. ICSM offers a one-stop-shop for resourcing a client’s project in the most efficient way, with a different mix of resources applied from one project to the next. Consequently, ICSM’s joined-up approach is both the definition of bespoke and removes the overhead and potential risks inherent in having to manage multiple suppliers.


ICSM demonstrates, in a tangible way, just how Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner is able to commit, with confidence, to alternative fee arrangements such as fixed fees or capped fees. We support many hundreds of non-traditional fee arrangements for our clients each year.


Clients continue to be able to rely on their Client Relationship Partner at the firm, who not only remains responsible at all times for quality of service, but also remains focused on client needs, our relationship and how we can help you in more strategic ways.


  • ICSM

    "Do more for less"

    Challenge: Real estate is central to a FTSE 100 retailer’s ability to service its customers, but operating a network of thousands of properties generated a huge volume of legal projects for the retailer’s legal team. The volume of work wasn’t going away and premium quality of service was non-negotiable, yet the in-house team needed to deliver its objectives within a constrained legal spend. Further still, some resource-intensive projects often appeared out of nowhere and needed addressing within days. The retailer needed a robust system in place to cope with those conflicting demands.

    Solution: Streamline workshops were used to find the most effective and efficient way to deliver the outcomes and scalability the client wanted. Work was split into component parts and resourced by a mixture of our expert Real Estate sector lawyers, Lawyers On Demand and, for the recurrent aspects of work that could be process-engineered, our Legal Services Delivery Team in Manchester, UK. Importantly, the client was involved throughout – even taking time to meet the various groups of lawyers personally.

    Outcome: The retailer was impressed by the swift response of our agile and highly adaptive Legal Services Delivery Team, which delivered over 20 separate projects in the first month across a range of disciplines. In one case, a complex tax project was resolved within 48 hours, and in another project over 100 property lease reviews were completed in a single day. The retailer now receives the quality of legal solutions it expects, on a scalable basis and at the price it requires. While reaping the benefits of using a different mix of resources, all work, reports and advice were delivered in a seamless way.

  • ICSM

    "I need to know if this is going to work, quickly"

    Challenge: A private equity house was considering acquiring a portfolio of ‘ground rents’, with the intended purpose of restructuring the portfolio. The client wanted to make sure it was investing in what it thought it was investing in. But there was a problem. Another adviser had let them down and, consequently, time to complete the necessary legal analysis was now of the essence. In addition to the importance of helping the client make an informed judgement on a portfolio exceeding £100million in value, the client needed to get through the high volume of work in less than a week.

    Solution: A joint team of expert lawyers from London and our Legal Services Delivery Team in Manchester was rapidly formed to meet the client’s objectives for a quality legal assessment, delivered quickly and cost effectively.

    Outcome: The firm's ICSM approach saw over 2,500 property titles reviews completed in less than three days, enabling the client to make an informed judgement on its investment, within the deadline.

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