DRM is holding the industry back according to BLP and New Media Age’s joint survey

Vanessa Barnett, Internet & mobile lawyer with Berwin Leighton Paisner, and Justin Pearse, editor of New Media Age, are delighted by the response to their joint survey on issues facing the online content industry and have today submitted a response to the ongoing Commission consultation.

Vanessa Barnett says “Justin and I are delighted by the response – and what’s interesting to see is the strength of feeling in the industry against digital rights management technology, which respondents feel is the wrong method of combating online piracy.  Instead, respondents advocate DRM free content alongside stronger pan-European models of licensing to properly compensate those in the creative industries.  From a legislative perspective, this could signal some interesting times ahead!

Justin Pearse, Editor, New Media Age said, “The efficacy of DRM is becoming increasingly discredited, as evidenced by moves by companies such as EMI to abandon it. Our survey of industry insiders highlights the need to find a credible alternative to DRM, one accepted by both rights holders and consumers, to enable the booming digital content market to reach its true potential.

If you require further information, please contact Vanessa Barnett at vanessa.barnett@blplaw.com.


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