Bob Charlton

Partner, Head of Asia

“I have worked with Bob for over 30 years on five continents and he has never ceased to impress with his technical skill, vision, commitment and global knowledge" (Raymond Eyre, Montrose Global LLP)
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Over 35 years working in the world's leading law firms
Bob Charlton


  • The Head of Asia responsible for facilitating and overseeing the implementation of global sector led strategy and embedding the BLP brand in Asia.
  • An international business specialist with 35+ years’ experience in global leadership roles, asset finance, banking and infrastructure, with a track record of driving change and efficiency.
  • Previous ‘change project’ success including ‘Vision to Reality’ an initiative that claimed the attention of the Financial Times Legal Innovation Awards in 2011.
  • Excellent cultural understanding of international business, global strategy and managing client relationships having worked across EMEA, Asia and the US for some of the world’s leading international law firms.
  • Considerable experience of working in the public and private sectors with borrowers, lenders, sponsors, arrangers and advisers focusing on large scale projects which include the privatisation of the UK rail industry.
  • Notable past projects include the first Sharia’h compliant aviation fund, the first PFI/PPP in the UK rail sector and the first cross-border Japanese aircraft financing supported by Export Credit Agency funding.
  • Quoted by individuals in the industry as “client friendly” and often recommended by those sitting across the table.
  • Qualified in England, Hong Kong and Brunei.


Industry Specialisms



  • An International View

    Living and working across different financial centres such as: London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, Brunei, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai and Hong Kong enables an individual to assemble an innate understanding of cultural nuances and work/life motivation. Being able to capitalise on that knowledge, understand regional practice, translate and identify risks early on – and their impact - is an extremely useful skillset for any business. Not only does this awareness enable a smoother transaction but it makes the future of working internationally for BLP more appealing to our people and our clients and more efficient for the business.
  • Fostering and driving change

    The legal industry is traditionally cautious and change averse. But change is both inevitable and necessary. Has identifies areas in relative to which change is essential from a business perspective, bringing benefits for the firm's people and clients. Has then taken control of the areas concerned and driven the changes through with buy in from relevant stakeholders. This has been the case at each law firm

Examples of Work

Bob Charlton Examples of Work Bob Charlton Examples of Work

Change Project: Finance & Projects practice

Prior to a successful roll out of a new Projects practice across a global business (120 partners +), significant time was spent redeveloping the necessary skillsets and identifying the tools required to successfully embed the new processes. The Finance & Projects practice project was considered a success; profitability margins increased and costs were significantly reduced. Partners were engaged with the initiative throughout and the programme continues to run to this present day.


Pakistan International Airlines

Advising on the finance and delivery of a fleet of extended range Boeing 777 aircraft. Involving: capital markets and financing, supported by the US Exim Bank. A politically important, high profile case requiring excellent management of stakeholders. Involved in the deal were many complex relationships that were managed diligently yet highly effectively to ensure the project went ahead as planned.


Virgin Trains

Representing Alstom and Fiat on the provision of the West Coast Mainline Pendelino fleet of Virgin trains. Advised on the first tilting train introduced in the UK in 1999. The project challenges included: technical design & implementation, health & safety and public risk concerns, financing challenges and public/private sector interaction. The deal required excellent management and reassurance of a large group of stakeholders, as well as the tight scheduling and manufacturing of the new trains. The introduction of the now well know, Virgin Trains franchise has been an incredible success for Virgin.