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App: UK Statutory Residence Test


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Summary: We have designed a new app, available on multiple platforms, to help individuals or their advisers determine UK tax residence status. There is currently no other app currently available which performs the same function. It is essential individuals know their residence status as it impacts on their liability to UK tax.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) are below, which explain how to download it, use it and rate it.

What law has changed?

From 6 April 2013, whether someone is resident in the UK or not will be determined either by certain conclusive tests or a combination of the number of days the person is in the UK and the number of defined ‘connections’ that person has to the UK.

What phones and tablets is it available on?

Download our free app via the iTunes store, App World or Google Play. It is available on iPhones, iPads, BlackBerrys and most android smart phones.

How do I download it?

To download it on to Apple iPhones or iPads open the ‘App store’ app. Then go to the search box and type in ‘tax residence’ and click on install.

To download it on BlackBerry phones or tablets open the ‘BlackBerry World’ app (free to download if you don’t already have it). Then type ‘tax residence’ into the search box and click on ‘download’. You may be prompted to update your BlackBerry ID. All you need to do is click on ‘Update’ and then restart your BlackBerry.

To download it on Android phones or tablets open the ‘Google Play Store’ app. Search for ‘tax residence’, scroll down and select the app. Tap ‘accept’ to accept the app’s permissions and start your download.

How do I use it?

Once you have installed it on the phone or tablet it is very simple to use, just follow the 'Yes' and 'No' options as they apply to the relevant individual. This will automatically take them to the next relevant question. If they need to start again click on the 'Home' button.

How do I rate it?

We hope you find our app really useful and easy to use. If so please do rate it in the appropriate place.

To rate it in Apple’s App Store simply search for the app, select it and go to ‘Reviews’. Then click on five stars (we hope!), add your name, a title and a short review. Then click on ‘Send’.

To rate it in Blackberry’s App World scroll down and select ‘My World’ and highlight the BLP app. Press the menu key and click ‘Add review’. Select a five star rating in the drop down menu, add a short review and press ‘Submit review’. Please note you will need to create a ‘My World’ account before you can rate the app.

To rate it in Google Play Store go to the Google Play Android App Store in your browser, and make sure you’re signed in with your Google account. Click on ‘rate and review’. Add a five star rating, short review and title and press ‘Ok’.

Queries or feedback

We would be delighted to hear what you think of it.

If you have any feedback or queries regarding the app or how to use it, please contact Alison Cartin or Damian Bloom. Alternatively you can contact us via our Twitter page.

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