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Asset purchases of hotel premises can sometimes have hidden indirect operational consequences which the unsuspecting (or possibly badly advised) purchaser may fall foul of. A very good example arises in the context of hotels or other hospitality venues approved to host civil ceremonies.

The process of ‘transferring’ any marriage/civil partnership approval itself is relatively simple and can be done to coincide with the completion of the acquisition. However, where there is a change in the name of the hotel itself (this is common with asset purchases) then this can cause knock on issues for a wedding couple whose marriage is to take place at the hotel in the immediate period following completion.

It is a legal requirement for the wedding couple (note this does not involve the hotel itself) to give legal notice of their impending marriage. This notice requires the couple to describe the venue. If the name of the hotel changes this notice may become invalid and require fresh notice to be given. However, as there is a minimum period upon giving of such notice before it becomes effective any weddings taking place on the weekends following completion might be affected. Worse still, this might only be picked up on the day of the wedding itself when the registrar conducting the ceremony arrives at the hotel.

Happily there is a way around this problem (although even some registry offices may be not be familiar with the solution) so as to ensure the ceremony can take place unaffected. There is a provision within the registrar’s guidelines which allows an accommodation with the hotel to be reached whereby the initial legal notice remains valid. 

If this issue is relevant to a transaction you are involved in, please get in touch to find out what solution we can offer.

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