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Finance Bill 2016 includes provisions designed to prevent taxpayers converting profits generated in a company into a capital receipt in the hands of the shareholder(s). Taxpayers may want to consider winding-up their companies or making substantial dividend distributions ahead of 6 April 2016 as a result of these measures and the changes to the taxation of dividends.

It is anticipated that the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill will become law within the next two weeks as final amendments made to the Bill by the House of Commons were approved by the House of Lords last Tuesday. The Bill contains a number of provisions relating to Charity Commission powers to protect charities […]

In his Summer Budget, the UK Chancellor announced major changes to the taxation of UK resident, non-UK domiciled individuals (‘non-doms’) which will have a significant impact on non-doms who have been UK tax resident for more than 15 years (and those approaching 15 years) and non-doms who own UK residential property, however it is held. […]

Funds held in offshore financial centres are under scrutiny and this is set to intensify as we enter an era of global tax transparency. In the new world of tech-enabled tax transparency tax authorities around the world will soon have access to more data than ever before so now is the time to ensure you are fully tax compliant.

In this article first published in the STEP Journal, Volume 23, Issue 2, Nisha Singh advises Asian clients to embrace the era of global tax transparency and disclose their UK tax liabilities.

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