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Photo of alistair-duffield|Alistair Duffield

Welcome to our Indonesia bulletin, with investor news and legal insights prepared by BLP's Indonesia desk.  In this special edition, we enclose a complimentary copy of our “election promises infographic” (see below), which focuses on six areas that affect investment opportunities following the presidential election results. SIX AREAS THAT AFFECT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES  22 July 2014 saw Indonesia’s electoral commission (KPU) declare Joko Widodo, or ‘Jokowi’ as he is commonly known, as[…]

Photo of victoria-clark|Victoria Clark

The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) have formally adopted new rules which come into effect on 1 October 2014. The new rules follow the release of new arbitration rules by various institutional bodies and aim to bring the LCIA Rules up to date with current practice and procedure.

Photo of tim-hillier|Tim Hillier

As well as liquidated damages (discussed in our last blog post for PLC), Bluewater Energy Services Limited BV v Mercon Steel Structures also tackled the issue of a party’s right to exercise discretion, and commented on how a good faith clause might affect such a right. With good faith clauses becoming more commonplace in construction contracts, it is important to consider their effect on how we interpret the contract as a whole. Our latest blog post for Practical Law Construction.

Photo of david-harrison|David Harrison

This post contains our quarterly Competition Barometer, which gives a snap-shot of recent competition law activity across the EU and beyond. It includes details of fines imposed by the European Commission and national competition authorities for illegal behaviour such as cartel involvement and abuse of dominance. It also provides an overview of ongoing investigations and criminal convictions in jurisdictionsfrom around the world.

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